The typical lighting of any house or corporation usually uses the same style of accent lighting, mood lighting, and functional lighting. This usually involves using the use of some sort of ceiling light or can lighting system and using floor and table lamps. The particular location, angle, position and type of light bulbs define the use of the lighting as either functional, accent, or mood lighting. Usually mood lighting is also created or intensified by the use of lighting dimmers.

The way I light my own home is very different from the typical approach. The typical approach would be to use spot lighting to accent pieces of furniture and to use an ambient approach to the overall lighting of a room. I do the exact opposite. I spotlight all of the floors of my house, which happens to be one of the most interesting textures used in the whole house. The floors of my house are reclaimed birdseye maple culled from old cotton mills. With the proper lighting, these maple floors create a sense of glowing effect. I arrange the lights, which are Kable lights and can easily be moved and pointed in different directions, so that the least amount of light as possible hits the walls. This can be a very difficult challenge because the floors create such a large amount of reflective light that it is a lot of experimentation to figure out what angle creates the least amount of reflective lighting on the white walls.

All pieces of furniture and accessories are left in shadows. The only other objects in the house, which are accented with lighting, are the wall paintings. Although this approach is very atypical, it is very effective and unique if it is used in the correct way. Although very few environments would be able to effectively accommodate this style of lighting, those that do will create a stunning atmosphere that is quite subtle yet unique.