Obsessed with textures. Obsessed with materials. Sometimes to the point of driving myself mad. I am willing to search though 100,000 square feet of wood to find the 1,000 square feet that meets my specific criteria. I may stumble across a texture I fall in love with or may find a particular material that I just can’t live without. I only design objects and only use materials that I would consider suitable to put in my own house. Although I have a specific taste for materials, I also am very open and very eclectic in my choosing. Sometimes I may discover a new object or material and will sit on it for several months before I idealize a use for the material.

I have a gift which is both a blessing and a curse. Line up ten random materials in random order. I will pick out my favorites, ranking from one to ten. Nine times out of ten my favorite materials will also be the most expensive materials in the same ranking order.