Today was move-in day at highpoint. At times it looked like NY city with all the yellow taxis but rather than taxis they were Penski Trucks. Luckily we didnandrsquo;t have a wait at the loading dock and were able to get all furniture to the BRC Design booth in the Salon. It was immediately obvious that our booth would stick out like a sore thumb because we are by far and away the most modern furniture line in the building. My studio assistant, Larry, commented that all the furniture in a particular booth looked like it was andldquo;flintstone furnitureandrdquo;(and he was right). It took a little longer than I had anticipated setting up because the furniture looked so much different in the booth space than on my Illustrated floorplan so I had to do a lot of improvising. All in all it was a good day and other than nearly killing ourselves turning a Penski truck down the wrong way of a major 3 lane one way highway everything went off without a hitch. We even had time to stop by Southpark mall to pick up a few new threads. Attached is a rendering of what the booth looks like. I will be posting some more pics of the booth soon.