Walking around furniture fairs and shows I can honestly say that I am sick and tired of seeing George Nakashima slab table knockoffs.  Not even trying to be creative or innovative, these tables follow the Nakashima design all the way down to the table top butterfly joinery.That’s why it is so refreshing to experience the wood slab table designs of John Houshmand.

Houshmand takes the same devotion and love for wood that is evident in a Nakashima table, however Houshmand uses glass as structural support for each table.  Houshmand lets each piece of wood speak for itself and lets what normally would be considered a flaw, such as a wormhole,  become a beautiful unique element in the slab.  Also setting Houshmand apart is his 900 square acre ranch in New York which his wood slabs are harvested and dryed.  In my opinion, true innovation in furniture begins with using timeless materials implementing new structural techniques.  Which is exactly what Houshmand achieves.  Genererally speaking, slab glass has not been used as structural element in furniture.  Houshmand beautifully juxtaposes the two materials of wood and glass in an unique new manner by incorporating inch thick glass as the structural support of the slab table. 

After graduating from Yale with a BA in Art Hstory in 1978, Houshmand explored a variety of mediums including ceramics and photography.  In 1980 Houshmand started a career with New York Contracting Firm, Clark Construction.  He has since lauched his furniture designs due to his interest in the hands on approach of working directly with the materials. 

To Learn More about John Houshmand and his furniture designs visit: http://www.johnhoushmand.com