The very title of the Book andldquo;Kelly Hoppen Home andndash; from concept to realtyandrdquo; speaks to me personally. As a furniture designer nothing gives me more pleasure than to see my concepts come to life as a tangible piece of furniture.

I bought this book a couple years back when I began renovating my house. The original concept of my renovation was very pop art inspired with such eclectic ideas as using a found phone booth as a shower. Upon reading andldquo;Homeandrdquo; my design sensibitlies began to become more sophisticated and defined. One of the most influential aspects of Hoppenandrsquo;s interiors that influenced me is her use of black. Several of the floors in Hoppens home are a dark ebony stain and the trim and doors she used were stained black wood.

The first time I ever saw a Cini Boeri ghost chair was in Hoppenandrsquo;s book.Sometimes when I see an object, I become completely enamored with it. Fortuanaly I was finally able to cease my desire for a ghost chair when I purchased two Boeriandrsquo;s in mint condition off an ebay auction at a very good price.

Kelly Hoppen is a master at mixing texture and soft colors.Although I still have lot to learn from her use of color, I have learned and applied immense amounts of her knowledge of texture to my own designs. And I am still learning. I believe that I have read this book from cover to cover three times and I still constantly refer to its immense catalogued pictures as a guide. Above I have included a picture of my powder room which is heavily influenced by Hoppenandrsquo;s design. If you pick up a copy of this book, reference page 66 and 67 and you will see the correlation and transformation of her original idea into the design of my powder room.