As a child Eduardo Milieris was already decorating and designing clocks and watches.  At the age of seven, after being inspired by an Alexander Calder piece, Milieris came home and painted a piece which became part of a clock.  By the age of fourteen Milieris had designed and made a seconds meter machine.  During his studies at the School of Liberal Arts in Mondevideo, Eduardo conceived a three, one handed dials piece which was the foundation upon which Watchcraft developed from. 


To see a Milieris watch for the first time one will be transported to a different time.  Each watch is handcrafted from the “Patina of an artifact dug up by a treasure hunter” which will naturally age over time.  Every Watchcraft watch is Unisex.   At an age in time where high design watches are so immersed in the inner-workings and internal makeup of the watch, Watchcraft offers a breath of fresh air with a focus on external detailing.  That’s not to say that the innards of a Watchcraft piece are neglected, however the true beauty of this watch is the completely unique and eclectic shell.


My favorite series of Milieris watches are the “Gates of Time” collection.  I personally own a Limited Edition G23S Gates of Time watch # 194/1000.  The actual time keeping face of the watch is hidden behind two doors which open with a push of a button off of two spring hinges.  The concept is absolutely brilliant and the execution is flawless.  Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this handcrafted artwork is its price tag – between $250 and $500 per watch! For something that is handmade here in the USA in New York that is a steal.  Recently a early limited edition Milieris watch auctioned for much more so there is potential for an increase in value in this functional craft piece. 


I can guarantee one thing, If you wear one of these watches out in public you will sure have people asking where you got it, because it is such a beautiful conversation piece.  


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