One of the biggest household hassles is using an ironing board. Usually the ironing board is one of the most hideously looking items (design a modern ironing board?) in the household and is usually kept out of sight. I was able to locate a vintage ironing board at a miracle hill thrift store for $5. The structure of the ironing board was made of pine and in excellent worn condition however the top of the board was little more than a few bare threads.

It took a few more weeks to locate a vintage canvas that would match the worn look of the pine, but patience is a virtue and I found the canvas at a old surplus store in the backwoods of Easley, SC. Using a little bit of cotton padding I was able to restore the ironing board back to a usable condition without compromising on the vintage aspect of the piece.

Not only do I have the ironing board as a permanent display in the corner of my bedroom, but I also use it as a display table when it is not in use. I currently have two original Jose Gallegos Y Arnosa drawings displayed with an antique iron that belonged to my grandmother. One thing that I really like to do is juxtapose items that go together aesthetically, but differ greatly in their consumer value. Displaying fine art on a thrift store purchase next to a ordinary everyday item that in fact has a lot of sentimental value creates an interesting dialogue to visitors of my abode.