“When you start to feel sick then you must push yourself and work harder.  If you go and sit in your room you’ll just feel miserable.  Whenever I start to get the chills, I go to the hospital, get my shot (for malaria) and head straight back to the workshop.”(as he lets out a few deep bellows of laughter)

-Eric Adjetey Anang

After several weeks apprenticing under Eric, I can honestly say that I have gained a true appreciation for his craft.  He is able to eye an object, estimate measurements and quickly begin cutting and hammering wood into place to form the core structure of a coffin.  I try my best to follow his instruction as best as I can and keep up with his fast pace of working.  I came to Ghana with little woodworking knowledge, and the little knowledge that I had was based on the use of power tools, a skill which is rendered useless at the Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop.  Mastering the hand plane, hand saw, and chisel are the first steps to becoming a proficient coffin maker.