Joe Manus, Designer of Shiner, is one of the few furniture designers out in the marketplace making innovative and visual stimulating designs.After walking through the High Point Market in NC, and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in NY, Shiner stands out as one of the more unique product brands.I am tired of people copying or tweaking timeless mid-century designs.It is time for a change and a new design revolution and Shiner is one of the forefront leaders in this pack of new innovative design companies.

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Shiner uses environmentally friendly materials such as 100% recycled cardboard and 85% recycled steel in their designs.Many of their designs are cut using a CNC router which minimizes waste and makes their products more environmentally friendly.But the green aspect of their design is not what sets Shiner apart, their bold and unusual design aesthetic and the USA made label is what sets Shiner apart from their competition. Some of Shinerandrsquo;s designs may be reminiscent of Frank Gehry or Brazilian Designer Jorge Zalszupin, there is definitely a design sophistication that is completely their own

Although their designs are very cutting edge, Shiner furniture prices are very reasonable. From wooden chairs to cardboard light fixtures, Shiner furniture adds a great accent and conversation piece to any room.

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